Welcome to Tilly Bees July 21, 2015 19:15

Hi, my name is Trisha, I am born and bred on the North Yorkshire coast in England (and never travelled far from it in my 56 years).   I am a semi retired farmers wife, married to my hubby for 39 years this year and mother to 3 boys, who are parents themselves now, which makes me a proud grandma too.

There comes a time in your life when you feel life has passed you by without achieving some of the things you wanted to. From a small girl running around on the family farm with my 6 brothers and sisters I had always wanted to write a book, this I accomplished in the year 2000, a really big achievement for a 'moorender' like myself. Looking after my grandchildren brought about the birth of my little business. After searching for suitable things that I wanted for the children I found it easier to make them rather than trail the shops not being able to find just what I was after. When taking my grandkids to the local toddler group I was asked by the parents there 'where did you get that from?'  orders where soon flowing. So, I have developed from selling a few things locally and then on ebay to a thriving little business that has now expanded to include facebook and a store on the internet. Of course I have the help of hubby to keep the cogs turning and extra help to help me meet the deadlines that I set myself. My logic is 'if someone has purchased an item I should post it as soon as possible'.