CHRISTMAS LANYARDS Nearly 30 different designs to choose from November 12, 2018 13:25 47 Comments

Lots of different ribbon lanyards now available from all only £4.95 each with free UK post. Order early to avoid disappoinment


New products coming soon May 17, 2018 13:27 15 Comments

Hi everyone, in the last year we have introduced lanyards to our list of products. This has proved a very popular addition to our range. It seems everyone needs a lanyard, from students for thier locker keys to nurses for their ID passes. We now offer many 100's of themed ribbons made up as lanyards. All have breakaway clips at the top of the neck and a silver coated metal clasp to hold your keys, passes etc. Please don't hesitate to message if you would like something different.

In the foreseeable future there will be many new products available on our site, these include pet pouches/sacks for your little friend to snuggle up in. Seat belt covers (whoops! I forgot, these have already been added as new items) purses and pencil cases also pet treat bags.

Please keep popping back for regular updates as well as ideas for your Christmas gifts. Don't forget every item we offer for sale is hand made here at Tilly Bees.

Trisha xx

Something new happens nearly everyday May 27, 2016 16:30 6 Comments

Today a lady requested a Boston Terrier and after sending me a picture for me to work from, I now have one made, packed and he will be on his way to the USA in the morning. The lady is delighted with how her new chalkboard looks and how quickly her order has been completed. 

Also today there are some new show jump fillers added to the list. They are of a monkey, lion and an elephant. They look soooooooo of cute. Pop inside and have a look at them you'll be surprised at the choice available, and there are more coming soon. Just watch this space......................

NEW TODAY Show Jump Fillers May 20, 2016 10:32 5 Comments

NEW TODAY - A set of JUMPING SHEEP a new design of show jump fillers. These cute little sheep are available from today. Everything we sell is exclusive to us and available to purchase only at All our items are handmade here at Tilly Bee's so you'll never be able to buy exactly the same from elsewhere. Go on treat yourself, or a gift for an animal loving friend maybe!!!

Tilly Bees & Emma Bees are offering lots of new products April 5, 2016 16:35 6 Comments

Here on our website there are lots more new products for you to choose from. Loads of affordable ideas for Birthday or Christmas gifts, from dog collars to chalkboards, from lanyards to hair bows there is something for everyone including your four legged doggy friends. Every item for sale here is all made by ourselves here in a quaint little village on the North Yorkshire Moors in the UK.


NEW for 2016 - SHOW JUMP FILLERS January 26, 2016 07:01 2 Comments

Happy New Year Everyone - With the Christmas festivities behind us, in fact the first month of 2016 nearly through, (where has that time gone?) I'm sure we're all looking forward to summer. We all must be hoping the extreme weather in America doesn't land on our doorsteps in the near future, either as snow or rain. Everyone always says that what America gets we get 2 weeks later, we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, back to business, I have had so many requests for farm related fillers that I thought I'd have a go at making some, hope everyone likes them, they have been a pleasure to make. Plus the grand kids have loved watching them progress. A double delight for both them and me, watching me saw them out, their excitement was inspiring but then seeing their little faces when they saw the end product. Priceless. Now none of them can pick a favourite.

The other new ones I've recently finished are the ones I've christened 'Peatea's Sweeties' ( my hubby just loves the original liquorice allsorts and our grandsons mum buys them for his birthday and Christmas every year, it is her that called them that in the first place. When we are out shopping I find hubby searching the aisles in the supermarket, when I ask what he looking for, he's like a little kiddie when he replies 'Peatea's Sweeties lol) Did you see the pictures I put on facebook? I've put one here for you to 'spot the imposter'

Please do keep messaging me with any new ideas I love making them and always like new challenges. Cheers

Requests & ideas for new shapes December 13, 2015 09:10 1 Comment

Morning, just thought I'd ask whilst I remember, not that we all have loads of other things on our minds at the moment, like Christmas shopping, presents to wrap as well as all the ones we've forgotten and are still to get. Of course we mustn't forget the turkey has to be collected too. Anyway, back to my question, is there any particular shape you would like me to make? I'm already considering a pushbike ready for the Tour De Yorkshire in May and I've had requests for some Shetland ponies. So please let me know if there are any you would like I am always ready for a challenge. Bye for now.

Emma Bees Christmas themed dog collars and leads December 4, 2015 11:37 4 Comments

Today is the first day on the website for Emma's Christmas themed dog collars and leads. Have a look at the lovely santa patterned materials used to make these lovely collars. They are very competitively priced so no need to search the web for cheaper. She hand makes them all herself and is very quick at completing orders. If you want your pooch to be co-ordinated with you in your Christmas jumper over the festive period then order asap to make sure you get one, if she uses all her materials up there will be no more like these available from her, so don't delay order to today.

Update from Tilly Bees December 4, 2015 04:41


It's taken a while but now you can buy our products on Facebook as well as on our website. Our facebook page is There's are no different products but you may find it easier to chat to us when looking to order your bespoke items. We look forward to your requests.


TILLY BEES & EMMA BEES 2 fledgling business' working together December 2, 2015 13:26

I am pleased to inform everyone that Tilly Bees has joined with Emma Bees to promote all our hand made items together. So not only are we supplying all shapes and sizes of chalk boards, a large selection of horse show jump fillers, horsey & countryside themed mitten clips and taggies but we now are pleased to include DOG COLLARS & LANYARDS handmade by Emma

Emma concentrates her handiwork on making lovely dog collars, these are available in a variety of patterns including Dog patterns, kiddie's patterns, football team patterns and of course Christmas themed ones.

Emma also makes Lanyards in the same variety of themes and she is now making safety lanyards with the quick release breakaway fasteners.

Pet supplies and wholesale September 18, 2015 00:00

Hi, Doesn't it seem strange, winter is creeping up on us, we are sat here with the fire on and it was dark before 7pm. It's only September! wouldn't it be nice if we could arrange an Indian summer for the whole of October?

Today has been another computer day, they tell me I need to be seen on the all social media sites to get my web site onto search engines. So today has been spent joining lots of groups on facebook and tweeting away on twitter. It has certainly generated a lot of people visiting my site but I hope I don't have to do it every keep the momentum up. I much prefer to spend my time making new items particularly new shapes and then letting my 3 year old grandson tell me what it is. Today it has been some unicorn show jump fillers, that was not too easy for him but he got there in the end, bless him.

  For those maybe needing new items for their pet supplies business I'm thinking of doing a wholesale page so that any one wanting to stock the chalk boards etc in their shops they can buy them at a discounted rate. There are lots of chalk boards and lead / key holders to choose from or maybe a horse shop would like some of my unique keyrings. Please don't hesitate to message me if you are interested.

Lots of DOG shaped chalk boards added today September 17, 2015 21:01

I've finally found a spare afternoon to try and do more on the website. I'm sorry if you've been having a look and haven't been able to find what you want. I've added nearly all the dog shapes to the chalk board list. If anyone is wanting one of the lead / key holders please look at the chalk board lists for the breed or shape you would like then message me with their order. These chalk boards make lovely unique gifts for both Christmas or Birthday. Or if you are a pet shop owner I can easily do a wholesale price for you. Pet supplies make the perfect gift for any pet lover, there's lots to choose from so please remember to look at all the category's my online store has. I've been working all this time so I think it's time for a well earned cuppa char ! Cheers

New items added this week August 27, 2015 18:30 3 Comments

This week we have been busy fulfilling orders and making new designs in the show jump fillers. The foxes in their dapper red coats have been proving to be very popular but we are sure the kids from the pony clubs are going to like the dinosaurs and humpty dumpty. Those that ride the bigger horses will like the more sedate geese and fox and hounds. Horse and pony lovers  if you are begining to think about Christmas then why not look at all our products for unique horse and pony lovers gifts.

Dog lovers are catered for too, we make over 100 different shapes all of which can easily made into dog lead hook/holders or just for your keys. 


It's been a hard day July 29, 2015 20:02 1 Comment

Well folks! for us 'moorenders' the internet is one complicated piece of jargon BUT with determination and lots of hard thinking we just might be making progress with our website. We've spent hours trying to work out how to add items and get pictures on etc etc. But please message me if you spot any wrong spellings or errors, I really would much appreciate it as the site is still very much under construction. Right, I'll get on now as there is wood to saw and boards need painting. I'm working on some new projects too so watch my site for my new items for sale Cheers.

Welcome to Tilly Bees July 21, 2015 19:15

Hi, my name is Trisha, I am born and bred on the North Yorkshire coast in England (and never travelled far from it in my 56 years).   I am a semi retired farmers wife, married to my hubby for 39 years this year and mother to 3 boys, who are parents themselves now, which makes me a proud grandma too.

There comes a time in your life when you feel life has passed you by without achieving some of the things you wanted to. From a small girl running around on the family farm with my 6 brothers and sisters I had always wanted to write a book, this I accomplished in the year 2000, a really big achievement for a 'moorender' like myself. Looking after my grandchildren brought about the birth of my little business. After searching for suitable things that I wanted for the children I found it easier to make them rather than trail the shops not being able to find just what I was after. When taking my grandkids to the local toddler group I was asked by the parents there 'where did you get that from?'  orders where soon flowing. So, I have developed from selling a few things locally and then on ebay to a thriving little business that has now expanded to include facebook and a store on the internet. Of course I have the help of hubby to keep the cogs turning and extra help to help me meet the deadlines that I set myself. My logic is 'if someone has purchased an item I should post it as soon as possible'.