New products coming soon May 17, 2018 13:27 15 Comments

Hi everyone, in the last year we have introduced lanyards to our list of products. This has proved a very popular addition to our range. It seems everyone needs a lanyard, from students for thier locker keys to nurses for their ID passes. We now offer many 100's of themed ribbons made up as lanyards. All have breakaway clips at the top of the neck and a silver coated metal clasp to hold your keys, passes etc. Please don't hesitate to message if you would like something different.

In the foreseeable future there will be many new products available on our site, these include pet pouches/sacks for your little friend to snuggle up in. Seat belt covers (whoops! I forgot, these have already been added as new items) purses and pencil cases also pet treat bags.

Please keep popping back for regular updates as well as ideas for your Christmas gifts. Don't forget every item we offer for sale is hand made here at Tilly Bees.

Trisha xx