Handmade Fitted face covering / mask Jolly Bees on a light honeycomb patterned fabric with 100% Cotton near face 2 Layers


Handmade washable face coverings/masks suitable for adults or children.

The pattern is as shown in the first picture and described in the title
The masks are made of 2 layers of fabric and the inner layer next to your face is 100% cotton fabric as shown in the pictures and double stitched along seams for added strength to help withstand many washes.
As no 2 people are alike and preferences differ I can now offer both elastic or ties in a matching colour
Please select elastic or ties from the drop down menu.

Meaurements are approx 8 to 9ins wide x 5ins high
Designed to cover your nose and mouth
Please select if you would like elastic or fabric ties

These ones DO NOT have a pocket for filter.

None have wire but fit snuggly around your nose. (this is personel preferrence, please do not ask for wire as I think it has a danger issue to it being close to your eyes.)

Elastic :- Tie a knot to required length
Ties :- When putting on, place over your head with plain fabric outermost. Lift up to cover face and gradually tighten and scrunch up against your face and fasten. The first time you put it on can be a bit confusing but once you have done it a few times it becomes much easier. This type of mask are a closer tighter fit around all the edges.

I sew lots of different designs including those with a pocket for a filter please look at my other items for sale
Please note, due to health and hygiene reasons  I am sorry but I can NOT accept returns for these items.

NOTE!!! These masks can not make 100% virus protection but they might be of help!

As well as the current popular use they can be used for the protection of air-bourne particles of dust, pollen and pollutions as accurs during Pet Grooming,  at Nail Salons, for Air Travel, House Cleaning/Dusting, Garden work, Crafting etc etc
Legal disclaimer -

Face masks must be worn correctly, changed frequently, removed properly, and washed regularly. They should be used in combination with good hygiene behaviour in order for them to be effective.

The masks I make are not medically approved and offer only a physical barrier. I make no medical claims with regard to their usage.

They should be changed & washed regularly using a mild detergent and NO fabric conditioner. They can be washed either by hand or machine at 30 degrees, air dried or laid flat then ironed. When I wash the masks I use a colour catcher sheet so I would maybe suggest you do too with the masks with mixed colours.
Colours may fade upon repeated washing
Due to different monitors colour may be lighter or darker.then shown in pictures.
Please stay safe.
Thank you

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